Loose Teeth & Bite Problems

Bite problems and loose teeth may be caused by an injury, gum disease teeth grinding, and even pregnancy.

Loose Teeth & Bite Problems

Your adult teeth should last through a lifetime. It can result from trauma or injury to the tooth, or it could signify an underlying condition, such as gum disease or more simply from grinding teeth while sleeping. If you notice continuing bleeding of the gums, swollen gums, or red gums, this may indicate signs of a loose tooth.

If you’re experiencing bite problems or loose
teeth, it may have been caused by:


Traumatic Injury

A fall, sports injury, or a heavy blow to the face are the most common causes of loose adult teeth to chip, break, or loosen.

Gum Disease

The result of poor dental hygiene, gum disease can occur if you don’t brush, floss, and have routine cleanings. Tartar and bacteria can build up under your gums and cause an infection.


A woman’s hormones during pregnancy can have an effect on the periodontium, the ligaments and bones in her mouth that support teeth. This may cause tongue problems, as well as loose teeth. After pregnancy, 99.9% of the time this resolves on their own.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding or clenching teeth unconsciously can eventually damage your teeth and cause other complications like headaches and facial pain.



Once your doctor identifies the cause of a loose tooth, treatment begins. If you are suffering from gum disease, you need special dental cleaning that will remove hardened plaque that has accumulated underneath your teeth and gums. This is called scaling and root planing, which removes tartar as well as bacteria; alternatively, antibiotics can also be given to help kill any infection. Scaling smooths down the root surface while helping reattach gums to the tooth in order for it to become stable again – this process is called Root Planing (RP). It should be noted that not all occasions require antibiotic treatment, but instead may only call for scaling or RP alone depending on what stage of gum disease they have progressed through.

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