Gum Grafting

Healthy gums means, brushing, daily flossing, maintaining a healthy diet and regular dentist visits.

Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is a treatment that covers exposed tooth root surfaces. Receding gums are usually caused by gum disease and result from the build-up of tartar. Regular care is typically treated by dentists who specialize in oral health or “periodontists.” They’re experienced with caring for receding gums, which often arise as a result of gum diseases like heavy tartar buildup.

A Closer Look at Your Gums

When you brush your teeth, the gum tissue around the tooth becomes a protective barrier. However, if plaque remains on your teeth or excessive brushing damages the tissue it can lead to recession of gums. Foreign objects like poorly fitting dentures, tongue bolts and fingernails will also make an impact on this process too. Gums with no protection are more susceptible to bacteria penetrating them which can result in decay; or minor trauma that causes rapid gum recession, which is a consequence that may result in tooth loss. That’s why proper treatment for receded gums is so vital.

Keeping Healthy Gums

Once you have undergone a gum graft, it’s important that you practice good oral hygiene in order to prevent any problems from developing in the future. Be sure you are properly brushing, daily flossing, maintaining a healthy diet and seeing your dentist for regular visits. The key to keeping up your general health is preserving your smile and maintaining healthy gums.

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